What are Dental Bridges?

What are Dental Bridges?

Learn more about dental bridges and who could benefit from this dental restoration.

Are you dealing with tooth loss? Do you want to restoration that you know will be able to replace your tooth for many years? Then it’s dental bridgetime you found out how our Charlotte, NC family dentists Dr. Susan Hockaday and Dr. Jim Baucom might be able to treat your tooth loss effectively with dental bridges.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge may be a restoration that our Charlotte dentist recommends if you are looking to replace a missing tooth. A bridge consists of two dental crowns, which are placed over teeth that surround where the missing tooth once was.

A pontic, or false tooth, is sandwiched between the two crowns. A pontic can be made from different materials such as porcelain or a combination of different materials. The type of material used will depend on the type of tooth you need to replace, as well as other factors that we will discuss during your consultation.

What are the benefits of getting this restoration?

If you choose to get a dental bridge in Charlotte there are many smile advantages to enjoy:

  • You’ll have a full, healthy smile again
  • You’ll be able to eat your favorite foods again without difficulty
  • Speech will be restored
  • You’ll maintain your facial structure (tooth loss affects the shape of your face over time if left untreated)
  • Improve chewing pressure and forces so that it’s more even and not putting more wear and tear on other teeth
  • You’ll prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting out of position

How long do bridges last?

Dental bridges are pretty durable, but nothing lasts forever. With the proper oral care, you can maintain your bridge for up to 15 years (or possibly even longer). By coming in every six months for routine checkups and by keeping your teeth clean and free of cavities you may maintain your new restoration for many years before needing to have it replaced.

Do dental bridges sound like an amazing option for you and your needs? If so, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Hockaday & Baucom DDS in Charlotte, NC. Book an appointment with us today!