How Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Smile

How Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Smile

Dental bridgework from your family dentists in Charlotte, NC, can restore your smile.

If you are missing teeth, dental bridges can improve your smile! Bridges improve the look and function of your smile, giving your self-esteem a boost too. Dr. Susan Hockaday and Dr. Jim Baucom offer a wide range of family dentistry services, including dental bridgework in Charlotte, NC, to restore your smile.

So, what can dental bridges do for you? They can improve:

  • Chewing ability by giving you more surface area to chew your food
  • Digestion by improving your chewing ability
  • Overall health by improving your digestion
  • Your appearance by giving you back your smile
  • Your self-confidence and self-esteem because you know you look your best

Dental bridges are also known as fixed partial dentures because they are cemented in place. You never have to remove them. They are a combination of prosthetic teeth, known as pontics, and crowns, which are cemented onto the adjacent teeth to secure the bridge. The pontics are suspended down over the space where you are missing teeth.

Dental bridges are made of strong, durable materials so they are made to last. They can provide you with decades of dependable service. Dental bridge materials are also lifelike, to provide you with a beautiful addition to your smile.

Dental bridges offer several important advantages, including:

  • A natural appearance, so you will know you are showing off your best smile
  • Complete stability, so you can be sure they will never move around
  • Great strength, so you can chew the foods you love, without worrying about breakage

Dental bridges can give you back your smile. To find out more about how dental bridges can improve your smile and the dental bridgework process, call Dr. Hockaday and Dr. Baucom in Charlotte, NC, at (704) 553-2348 now!