How Teeth Whitening Can Help Restore Your Smile

How Teeth Whitening Can Help Restore Your Smile

Expensive, complicated dental enhancements and restorations are not always necessary to help improve and transform a lackluster smile. For many people, the only thing keeping their teeth from looking just OK to shining bright is a few lighter shades of white.Teeth Whitening

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Because tooth staining and discoloration happen gradually, it can take years for most people to appreciate the effects that their lifestyle and daily habits have taken on their teeth. Even with daily brushing with a whitening toothpaste, over the counter products are often not enough to reverse the toll of daily coffee, tea, and acidic food consumption. For regular red wine drinkers and smokers, the effects are usually more pronounced. And while there is no unwritten rule that everyone must walk around with teeth as blindingly white as an Alaskan blizzard, something as simple as a few whitening treatments can often be enough to drastically improve a smile, as well as take a few years off of the entire face, no Botox shots or facelifts necessary!

How Can a Few Simple Trips to the Dentist Can Take Years Off Your Face?

Hockaday & Baucom, DDS, a family and general dentistry practice in Charlotte, NC, often suggest teeth whitening treatments for clients with otherwise healthy and straight teeth that have dulled or become discolored over time. Patients can either choose from an in-office or take-home treatment designed specifically for their teeth. Both treatment options consist of a safe, high concentration gel formula that is only available through a licensed dentist. Like finding the right shade of hair color that will complement the features and look as natural as possible, teeth whitening yields the best results when performed by a dentist who can achieve uniform, natural looking results.

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