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By Hockaday & Baucom, DDS
January 09, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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The timing around losing a tooth may not always sync with your financial ability. It's not unusual for people to postpone getting a dental implant—by far the best option for replacing a missing tooth—because of its expense.

So, if you have to postpone dental implants until you can afford them, what do you do in the meantime to keep your smile intact? One affordable option is a temporary restoration known as a flexible removable partial denture (RPD).

Composed of a kind of nylon developed in the 1950s, flexible RPDs are made by first heating the nylon and injecting its softened form into a custom mold. This creates a gum-colored denture base to which prosthetic (false) teeth are affixed at the exact locations for missing teeth.

Differing from a permanent RPD made with rigid acrylic plastic, a nylon-based RPD is flexible and lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. They're kept in place with small nylon extensions that fit into the natural concave spaces of teeth. And, with a bit of custom crafting, they can look quite realistic.

RPDs are helpful in another way, especially if you're waiting for an implant down the road: They help preserve the missing tooth space. Without a prosthetic tooth occupying that space, neighboring teeth can drift in. You might then need orthodontic treatment to move errant teeth to where they should be before obtaining a permanent restoration.

Flexible RPDs may not be as durable as acrylic RPDs, and can be difficult to repair or reline if needed to adjust the fit. Though they may not stain as readily as acrylic dentures, you'll still need to clean them regularly to help them keep looking their best. This also aids in protecting the rest of your mouth from dental disease by removing any buildup of harmful bacterial plaque on the RPD.

But even with these limitations, patients choose RPDs for the simple fact that they're affordable and temporary. And the latter is their greatest benefit—providing you a “bridge” between losing a tooth and replacing it with a durable dental implant.

If you would like more information on tooth replacement options, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Flexible Partial Dentures.”

By Hockaday & Baucom, DDS
March 27, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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If you have questions about dentures our family dentists have the answers.

Our Charlotte, NC, family dentists, Dr. Susan Hockaday and Dr. Jim Baucom, offer patients different ways to replace missing teeth no matter their age, lifestyle, health status, or budget. For centuries, dentures have provided those with significant tooth loss the ability to get full smiles again. Wondering if dentures are right for you but have questions first? Here are some answers to the most popular denture-related questions:

Do I need dentures?

If you are missing teeth, it’s important that you visit our family dentist as soon as possible to discuss your treatment options. Here at our Charlotte office, we offer dentures and other ways to replace missing teeth; however, if you are dealing with significant or even complete tooth loss, dentures may be the best way to replace your teeth.

What types of dentures are available?

There are dentures that are designed to replace all of your teeth (full or complete dentures) and dentures that are designed to replace some teeth (partial dentures). These are the two most common types of dentures. There are also immediate dentures, which are temporary dentures that are placed right after teeth have been extracted, and dental implant-supported dentures, which are dentures that are anchored by dental implants.

Can I sleep in my dentures?

While some people may choose to wear their dentures while they sleep it is highly recommended that you take them out every night before bedtime and put them in water to let them soak. Dentures can put pressure on the gums and bone; so taking them out every night gives your gum tissue time to relax.

Can I get implants at a later time if I choose?

Absolutely! Maybe you want to get your false teeth as soon as possible but then you realize after some wear that you would like a way to ensure that your false teeth will always stay in place. If this is the case, our dental team would be happy to see if you’re a candidate for dental implants. After implants are inserted into the jawbone, we can then attach your current dentures to the implants to anchor your teeth in place.

Need dental care? Give us a call

Hockaday & Baucom provide you with trustworthy, gentle, and caring family dentists. Whether you’re looking for a dentist who can provide your child with routine cleanings or you want to discuss your candidacy for dentures, call our Charlotte, NC, office today at (704) 553-2348 to schedule an appointment.

By Hockaday & Baucom, DDS
January 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

What your family dentists in Charlotte want you to knowdentures

If you’ve been thinking about getting dentures to complete your smile, or if you’ve been wearing dentures for a long time, it’s time for you to discover what new dentures can do for your smile and your life. Dr. Susan Hockaday and Dr. Jim Baucom in Charlotte, NC want to help you discover how a new denture can change your life.

Today’s dentures are created out of state-of-the-art materials and are designed to give you a custom-made smile that is as individual as you are. Dentures also can help you look younger by giving you back youthful fullness in your face and a firm jawline.

If you’ve been living without teeth, wouldn’t it be nice to have a fully-functioning set of teeth? If you are not smiling because of missing teeth, wouldn’t it be great to have a smile you can be proud of? If you are wearing an old, ill-fitting denture, wouldn’t it be fantastic not to worry about your teeth moving around? A new denture is the right choice for you!

Dr. Hockaday and Dr. Baucom offer several denture and partial options to choose from. Consider:

A full denture if you want to replace an entire arch of teeth, upper or lower. You can choose from:

  • An immediate denture, which is placed immediately after tooth extraction; a more permanent denture will be made after your tissue has healed. Immediate dentures are beneficial because you don’t have to live without teeth.
  • A conventional denture, which is placed after your tissue has healed completely; conventional dentures are beneficial because you only have to get used to wearing one denture.
  • An overdenture, which is snapped in place over existing tooth roots or dental implants; overdentures are beneficial because they help conserve the supporting bone in your jaws.

A partial denture is a perfect choice if you want to replace just a few teeth and not an entire arch. Consider:

  • A transitional partial denture if you are planning on dental implants later on; transitional partial dentures are often less expensive, because they are meant to be a temporary option.
  • A removable partial denture if you are not going to have implants; removable partials are strong and meant to last.

Give yourself a new smile, you deserve it! For more information about dentures, partials and other restorative and cosmetic services, call Dr. Hockaday and Dr. Baucom in Charlotte, NC today!