By Hockaday & Baucom, DDS
June 04, 2014
Category: Family Dentist
Tags: oral health   Dentistry  
Sure, we all lead busy lives. We can barely find time to make meals or do the laundry after a long day of work! dentistWe understand the day-to-day stress; however, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your health. In fact, having good health means that you are better able to enjoy your busy life. So why put it on the backburner? This goes for your smile as well. We are going to give you the scoop on why you should be visiting your family dentist regularly.
1. Prevention is Key
You should be seeing your Charlotte family dentist every six months for regular cleanings and X-rays. Why, you might ask? The more we can monitor changes in your mouth the better we can pinpoint issues and potential problems before they become serious. Being proactive means fewer issues down the road.
2. Less Costly
Ok, so it might seem expensive to visit the dentist twice a year, but think of it this way: Would you rather pay for two regular appointments or end up spending thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to fix your teeth in the future? Visiting your dentist in Charlotte, NC regularly means that your wallet doesn’t take a hit.
3. We Clean Like You Can’t
We have state-of-the-art technology and a professional staff, which means that we can really get in there and clean in ways that you can’t. You might have a great toothbrush at home or even swear you floss everyday, but we have the tools to give you a real, deep-down cleaning that your teeth need every six months to look and feel their best.
4. Untreated Infections Can Spread
If you do have an infection in your mouth (e.g. gum disease) that is left untreated it can eventually spread to other parts of your body, which means more doctors visits and potentially more serious complications.
So, turn to our family dentistry in Charlotte to take care of all your dental cleanings and concerns. Your health will thank you!